Building a successful start-up requires laying the right foundation. To enable your business to transform into a powerful brand and stand out in its expertise and direction, you need to give it a memorable and intuitive identity.

Given so many choices, finding the right and affordable domain name for the businesses that are particularly online orientated can become a difficult mission.

The domain name is a key element of the business branding. That is not just because it represents a memorable name of your start but it will more than likely be your customers and users’ first touchpoint with your brand. In fact, a domain name that is easy for branding is one of the most valuable business assets.

The start-up’s identity should do justice to all the effort it’s been put into establishing it. So, when you start the hunt for a good domain name, keep in mind all the qualities that make for a great domain name.

Our system is designed in order to guide you through the most sophisticated, smart, and affordable choices.

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Online Stores

It’s been observed more and consumer goods traders and retailers are seeking to conquer internet space and increase their online sales. Depending on the companies’ geographical orientation, types goods and services they offer, the variety of brands and packaging options, selling online often differs to the way it’s done in stores. Very often, they require to create each country’s or unique brand names, which require new domains registrations, ultimately owned or managed by the same people.

Fostral domain management services gives an opportunity to consolidate multiple domain entries into a single contract, taking off the burden of disparate renewals, speed issues, and non-optimised cost.

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E-Commerce & Digital Media

In the internet are operating at the omni channel, multi-million visitors and subscribers’ audience.

There are multiple ways to integrate domain names in your marketing strategy to tell engaging stories to your customers.

Using Multiple Domain Names is essentially a Part of effective eCommerce or digital marketing strategy

While a website’s primary domain name would usually take you to its homepage, a deep-link is the URL to one of its inner pages.

When a domain name is used to redirect to a deep-link on a website, it is called a domain redirect. For example, is a contextual domain-redirect for the deep-link mentioned above.

A brand can use a custom URL to brand all of its shortened links. For example, is a branded link to the same deep-link to Amazon’s Fire HD page.

Domain names are largely underutilised as a marketing tool for businesses.

Often, the decision to choose a particular brand name depends on the corresponding availability of its matching domain name. When the domain name is not available on .COM, business owners tend to compromise on their chosen brand name and settle for something less attractive and desirable. However, that is hardly any issue now that the Internet has expanded to other domain extensions that are meant for specific industries. For instance, there’s .TECH for technology, .PRESS for press and media, and .STORE for retail and eCommerce.

Since these extensions are fairly new, there’s also a high probability that you will find your desirable domain name on these extensions. This allows you to choose a domain name that is short, relevant and meaningful.

When choosing a domain name, make sure you keep the following tips in mind in order to make your domain name work in your favor from a branding point of view:

  • Keep it free of hyphens and misspellings
  • Keep it limited to two or three words
  • Do the domain name radio test before you finalise
  • Ensure you don’t use a previously copyrighted brand name

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